"Take a stand a​nd Carry your Empoerment"

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Ava's Eye Bagz will be a unique movement as we traverse across the Country with beautiful bags !  21 Designs will slowly be released over 5 styles of bags.....

First, the bags are based around empowerment... a play on the empowering words we use everyday ..... each of those designs has a charitable give back so by purchasing a "bag" you are changing someone's life. That is why you see MONEY in the photo above... money we will give back to 21 different charities/ foundations.....Each  adult purse will have a unique message inside and a gift to brighten your day.  The teen line will contain a photo of an empowered Woman and each bag will have a card inside so you can register for a once a year meet and greet 

with and empowered Woman !!!

We plan to launch in November over multiple cities....just in time for the holidays !  For now scroll down to see how you can get involved until the launch !


We will be setting up a photo campaign in multiple cities across the U.S.

If you  would like to be one of our photographers, outside of New Jersey or New York, please contact us through this page

If you would like to be in charge of a City Launch, we want you too ! Contact us for details 


We still need product investors... by this I mean your products and information in our bags ! Contact us for the details 



 to a venture

 capitalist ( VC) 

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us here for all the particulars

Get ready for Ava's Eye Bagz...."Take a stand and carry your Empowerment"

During the launch month of Nov. you will have the opportunity to go into a drawing for some great prizes !

To get extra chances in the drawing...

...Just Hashtag (#) Ava's Eye Bagz on your posts...

...see specifics below....

...also check out our BAG OF THE SEASON club coming soon.... scroll down for all the "deets"...

Hashtag for Prizes (#)

Just Hashtag (#) Ava's Eye Bagz  ie: #avaseyebagz  in at least 2 of your posts , any post you make, each month starting in May and get 2 extra chances each month for extra prizes !  So ...

2 X in May

2 X in June

2 X in July

2 X in August

2 X in September

2 X in October 

For a total of 12 Extra chances  Maximum of 2 extra chances each month... ( yet we appreciate it you want to keep tagging us !) 

Bag of the Season

Coming soon, your chance to get limited edition bags delivered right to you ! Join our Bag of the Season Club. Pay for 3 bags and get the 4 one FREE !  

1 in Winter

1 in Spring

1 in Summer

1 in Fall

Your bags will have special editions to them as well as an extra gift inside, special offers from our affiliate partners inside, and invites to special events ! This feature will be ready soon !

Visit our partner companies

Eyes are the windows to our souls.... check out our special "eye" style coming soon.....

Logo by Tara Petrosh all rights reserved to Tara and Ava's Eye Bagz

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our VIP investor and advisory board  party !

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Stay Tuned....

..... for our Nov. multi - city launch ! Join us on line for a chance to win prizes....get extra chances now ... see above....

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Watch for the styles coming soon !

Stay tuned for the bag release called "Who" which will be a scavenger hunt !!!! 

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